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Welcome to Lehigh! Founded in 1865, Lehigh University is a co-educational, non-denominational and private university. A little more than an hour's car ride from Philadelphia or New York City, Lehigh is located within the thriving economic and cultural corridor of the eastern United States.


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Today Lehigh students, faculty and staff came together for a ribbon cutting ceremony and reception in the newly renovated UMOJA house. The welcoming and inclusive space will benefit and serve the entire campus community.

Lehigh’s Society of Women Engineers met for the first time this week in Lamberton Hall. The year long program aims to encourage the talented women who meet Lehigh’s selective admissions standards as they navigate the challenging transition from high school to the academic rigor of undergraduate engineering studies. Among Lehigh’s incoming class of 2018, 162 women are matriculating into the college of engineering. In addition to the peer group of first-year engineering students, the program’s community includes upper class mentors, graduate students and women faculty members. Welcome to Lehigh!

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Scenes from the Lehigh Community Garden

Lehigh University student Katelyn Armbruster spent the summer growing vegetables in the Lehigh Community Garden on the Goodman Campus. She donates her harvest to New Bethany Ministries in South Side Bethlehem. During the garden season she harvests, packs individual bags, and delivers the produce to both the food pantry and the kitchen twice a week. She’s also prepping the garden beds for fall crops. You can read more about her story here.

Campus detail, Packard Lab

Best Community Expo Ever.

Each year, at the end of the first day of classes, local merchants and restaurants join more than 200 #lehighu clubs on the University Center front lawn. The EXPO is a perfect opportunity for all Lehigh students, faculty and staff to get to know their surrounding community and what it has to offer. Every year is better than the next, but seriously, this was the best club expo ever.

Eastern Philosophy class, led by Professor Bliss in Maginnes.

Scenes from the First Day of Classes

Settling in. Today #lehighu faculty, students and staff descended on the arriving #classof2018 and their families, making moving in as seamless as possible. So many great volunteers came out to help, cars were emptied in seconds! That’s the Lehigh family. Welcome to Lehigh!

How did you spend your Summer Vacation? Here at Lehigh’s mountaintop campus, six student teams participated in the first-ever LaunchBayC student business accelerator through Lehigh’s Baker Institute for Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Innovation and the Mountaintop Experience. The 10-week accelerator focused on early-stage student companies, including a startup in women’s apparel launched by Jessica Ernst ‘14, who created designs and is having prototype garments made, building upon her passion for the outdoors and commitment to manufacturing in the U.S. as well as utilizing local materials. LaunchBayC provided coworking space, product development/maker space, and an entrepreneur-in-residence who offered venture development programming and orchestrated mentoring by experienced entrepreneurs. Students worked full time on projects ranging from toys for children with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder to aquarium devices - developing ideas, designing and prototyping products, and field testing sustainable business models. Financial stipends and prototyping funds helped the students participate in the program and develop their ideas and projects.

Coming soon to a Googlemaps near you! 

#Lehighu recently welcomed the #streetview team to campus, you’ll be able to see this lovely campus in even better detail!

Scenes from the SDev Aquaponics project.

Remember these tilapia? They are much larger now, and so is the garden attached to their tank. We visited Alex Derish at the Aquaponics site this week, while he fed the fish and pruned back some gigantic basil and lettuce. It looks like the aquaponic garden is thriving. It was great to check in and catch up, oh, and we’ve been meaning to tell you—we love the fish names.

Scenes from the Garden Club Field Trip

Lehigh’s CLIP garden club President Emily Gibbs and vice president Heather Doll took the Boys and Girls Garden club on a field trip to Flint Hill Farm Educational Center this week. The group, which has been growing vegetables in our community gardens were excited to see a full size farm. On their tour they learned about horses, cows, chickens and goats. They also took a nature walk around the edge of the farm and talked about compost and trees breaking down in nature. After to the tour, which ended with a short romp with goats, the group got some different types of goat and cow milk and cheeses to have a tasting when they got back to campus. It was a great field trip to show the children where dairy comes from, and how close it is to South Bethlehem.

Editing an interview with alum and former trustee Ralph Thomas. Setting up to interview Professor Kashi Johnson in the Digital Media Studio.

One of Lehigh’s Mountaintop summer projects is called Engineering Equality: A Comparative Look at Perceptions of Race at Lehigh University.

The Engineering Equality team is creating a video exploring the perceptions of race at Lehigh over the last 50 years. If you visit their website, you’ll see they’ve been all over campus, and even travelled to Washington D.C. to do research and conduct interviews. 

This week they have reached the storyboarding part of the project. We are really looking forward to seeing their finished film. When it’s complete, they will share it with the Lehigh community. The team has put a lot great work into this project. Make sure you check out their blog, @lehighmtbw it’s really good reading!

You can also view our video about their progress here

Have you heard of Lehigh’s STAR Academy program? STAR stands for students that are ready. It’s a program designed to empower Lehigh Valley students and prepare them for higher education.

These STAR Academy students recently spent the morning in Packard Lab with Professor Michael Spear and Lehigh student Patricia Sittikul ‘16. The students learned that engineers follow a standard methodology for problemsolving. They then applied this methodology to build a video game for a smartphone. 

Define the problem

Do Background Research

Specify Requirements

Brainstorm Solutions

Choose the best solution

Develop a prototype

Test and redesign

(We can tell you the engineering methodology, but you’ll have to take the computer science class to learn how to build the video game. It looks like fun!)


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