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Welcome to Lehigh! Founded in 1865, Lehigh University is a co-educational, non-denominational and private university. A little more than an hour's car ride from Philadelphia or New York City, Lehigh is located within the thriving economic and cultural corridor of the eastern United States.


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Naomi Weinstein, '15a CBE  with CAS student Dominique Brown, '14.

Perhaps you noticed the little mounds of oranges that popped up all over the Asa Packer campus today. The marketing project is the result of a semester long collaboration between lehighbusiness CBE marketing students and luaadblog CAS student Dominque Brown ‘14.

The oranges appeared around Wilbur Power Plant, Chandler-Ullman, Linderman Library and Packard Lab.  They are one of the ways the Retail Marketing class is promoting Brown’s rindapparel show.

RIND  is an apparel line inspired by organic architecture that provides a relationship between garment, body and environment through intelligent textile design.

After meeting with Brown and learning about her project— which was one of the projects at the 2013 Academic Symposium—CBE students divided up into four teams to create different pitches for the brand.

The presentations included how the RIND show would be promoted, what the venue would look like (including food, music, and how the models would be presenting the clothing lines.)

Brown considered all of the ideas and gave feedback to the students. One a direction was chosen, the whole class teamed up to work on the campaign and Brown kept working on her clothing.

We love this collaboration between the two colleges. Both groups got practical experience that will come together in a show this Friday in Zoellner between 6-9.

Hope to see you Friday!

Two more days until RIND Techincally organic at #lehighu

Good Morning Lehigh!

Kevin Ahearn and David Stover, from the class of 2007, are here visiting Lehigh today. Here to speak in Packard Lab, these mechanical engineers just launched their dream start-up firm in Chile with partner Ben Kneppers from Northeastern University.

Bureo Skateboards are made out of recycled fishing nets and the process is quite sustainable. Fishermen can drop their old nets off at several different points along the Chilean shoreline. These drop points make it easy for the fishermen to recycle their nets. This recycling program keeps plastic garbage out of the ocean while providing durable and raw materials for the skateboard fabrication.

While on campus, Ahearn and Stover took time to with students, including one of our newest—Taryn Sammet, pictured above with her mom Elissa Karasin-Samet. Taryn, of Sanibel, Florida, just enrolled today— Welcome to Lehigh! We’ll see you at MOOV In this fall!

Lehigh class ring, signet style.

Pulitzer Prize winning author came to Lehigh last night to discuss energy, globalization and geopolitics. Professor Henri Barkey was a moderator for the Q & A session that followed Yergin’s talk.

More scenes from the International Bazaar.

It’s still cold out, so we’re showing you more pretty scenes from that rare 80 degree day!

Scenes from the International Bazaar

Forget today’s rain. Let’s look back to Sunday, when it felt like summer was here at the International Bazaar.

This morning at Lehigh

Jack Foley, Lehigh’s Director of Sports Medicine, speaks to NBC 10’s Rosemary Connors about his role as a first responder at the Boston Marathon bombing a year ago.

In the spirit of today’s International Bazaar, here are scenes from Jenny’s Kuali

Rawwr! Awesome!

Seen about town: Lisa Glover, sporting “Felix”, her second full size chipboard dinosaur, wanders through the Banana Factory last Friday.

She was there to show the community her KitRex, a three-dimensional dinosaur making kit for kids. Her kickstarter campaign was recently selected by the Kickstarter editors for the homepage.

Scenes from the Spring Fling

You still have time to get to Linderman Library for the 4pm ceremony. The Tibetan monks will be sweeping away the sand mandala they’ve been making for the past two days. Come quickly to see this beautiful artwork before it is returned to the river.

Thank you to the Feminist Alliance and everyone who came out to the March of Voices. The walk and the speak-out that followed was to empower survivors of sexual assault and speak out against victim blaming in all its forms.

Hey! Steel Bridge Design Club!

Good luck this weekend at your competition!

Portrait photographer Judith Joy Ross visited Anna Chupa’s photography class recently, then showed students how she makes her 8x10 portraits in Linderman Library.

Ross said she has spent her career photographing the humanity of people. She said when she’s photographing a subject, it’s her job to help the subject make a great picture.

We couldn’t stop staring at that beautiful camera! She also said “Isn’t it a shame the vaccuum cleaner isn’t made out of wood and metal.” We’d used it a whole lot more if it was!

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