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Welcome to Lehigh! Founded in 1865, Lehigh University is a co-educational, non-denominational and private university. A little more than an hour's car ride from Philadelphia or New York City, Lehigh is located within the thriving economic and cultural corridor of the eastern United States.


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Architecture majors Olek Niewiarowski '14 and Ben Cohen '14 Chris Kauzmann, mechanical engineering '13 technical entrepreneurship '14 Sara Newman psychology '13 technical entrepreneurship '14

Scenes from South Bethlehem

During last week’s 2 snow days, these Lehigh students created an igloo at their apartment, located just off campus in Bethlehem’s south side.

Sara Newman, psychology ‘13, technical entrepreneurship ‘14, said it took about 3 hours to make the base alone. They created the blocks for for the igloo using their blue recycling bin as a mold.

Chris Kauzmann, mechanical engineering ‘13, technical entrepreneurship ‘14, said the team hopes to finish the archway over the door if it storms tomorrow.

The bulk of the design was done by Olek Niewiarowski architecture ‘14 and Ben Cohen architecture ‘14.

Inside the igloo, you’ll find ice benches with foam padding for seats. It’s pretty cozy, even in below freezing temps.

Look out ice hotel, this igloo can seat 10, has electricity (Christmas lights) and even if you’re 6 2” you can stand comfortably inside.

If we do get hit with the storm, how will you spend your snow day?

ohsararose this was one of the most fun photo shoots of the snow season, can’t wait to see what it looks like with a fresh coat of snow!


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